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ツ myself ツhey u!this is my homepage so I have to say something about myself sometimes it is hard to introduce :) ✿i like to smile ✿i like to laugh ✿i like to friends ✿i like to be LOVE :)

✖ You were Wrong !✖

I will pretend I’m fine and okay 
Just so you don’t find satisfaction in your day

I will laugh loud and smile
Because you haven't made my happy in awhile
I will find some one new
Just to prove I am finally through

I won't even look your way
Just to prove the love has gone away

I won't show any sign
That I will miss you this time

I won't call you on your phone
Just to show I'm not alone

I will stay strong
I won't take long
To prove to you that you were wrong!

ber-P0em plak aku pepagi nieyh .
buang tebiat apa lah an aku nieyh ~
but yg pasti something terrible just happened at me .
last night I was cried like a little girl lost her puppy .
Why I'm cried ? ta paya tao la
bukan nya pting pownnss .. urghh
insane right ? da beso mcm gajah nak meraung 
eh , tikah gedix nya ko !
hari tu bukan main hapak cakap takmo titis airmata wlau ap pun y t'jadi !
where is your promise ?
Idk , I just . . . . . shocked ~
apapon I will prove to her that she were wrong about me !

p/s: masalaah kaitan keluarga :P HAHA